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Baywatch Trailer: Is Priyanka Chopra Behind The Drugs. Murder and A dead body on The beach ?

The third trailer Hollywood movie Baywatch was released on-line on Wednesday, and just like the previous one, the trailer has the abundance of The Rock (and Zac Efron) however, Priyanka Chopra appeared only for two shots.

priyanka chopra

This is Priyanka Chopra’s first Hollywood film, hence there are a lot of expectations from her.

priyanka chopra 2

Sadly, In the 2.5 minutes of this trailer, her screen appearance was only for three seconds, but her entry was rocking.

Priyanka shared the trailer on the twitter and wrote the line that marks her introduction in it,

“Drugs. Murder. A dead body on our beach. And it all started once she took over.”

This is cut part of the original trailer displaying the full-screen appearance of Priyanka:

Here is a tweet shared by Dwane Johnson. He said Priyanka ‘ The Boss’

Now check out the full trailer:

What you guys think of her? Write in the comment section below.



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Written by Nanowhiz

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