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7 Weird Signs She is a Girl, Not A Woman. #3 Can Prove This Alone.

There are two different identities of female – 1. Girl and 2. Woman. Both these identities have a totally different way of understanding and interacting behavior.


A girl wants all the attentions to her while a woman wants just the respect. These differences are mainly due to their thinking. When we say a woman, it doesn’t mean an aged female, but it’s all about her maturity level.

It’s too easy to find a girl but to meet a woman ( i.e., a mature girl) is not that easy.

Here are 7 such signs that will help understand the difference between woman and girl in a better way.

1.) Women know their limits while girls don’t

Girls Don't Know Their Limits

Girls love wild, unmanaged, night parties whereas women prefer to stay managed and more civilized even during night parties. This happens because a girl doesn’t know her limits, while woman never goes out of her limits.

2.) Girls are attention seeker by nature while women want respect.

Girls Do Everything For Attention Whereas Women Want Respect


A girl always seeks attention. From heavy makeup to revealing clothes all done just for grabbing attention. However women are totally different, they just want respect.

3.) Girls fake sounds

Girl Fake Sound!

Well, you what I mean. Yes. That’s true. Normally, girls love to fake sounds while woman never does this.

4.) Social Media is the second home for girls

Social Media Is Everything For Girls

5.) Girl And Woman Spend Time Differently


Watching television or updating their social profile is the favorite pastime for girls, while women spend most of their time in working and doing meaningful things.

6.) Women are more carefree when it comes to health

Girl Pretend To Be Health Conscious

No matter how much she is actually serious for it, but a girl will always pretend to be health conscious in front of you. Girls are highly body conscious, and she prefers only healthy food. In contrast, a woman never pretends to be health conscious.

7.) A girl plays games. A woman doesn’t.


Playing games are too childish for women and hence they don’t really spend much time playing online games while girls love playing a different type of games.


Can you relate these things to somebody you know?  Write in the comment section below.

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7 Weird Signs She is a Girl, Not A Woman. #3 Can Prove This Alone.