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21 Badly Timed Photographs of Celebrities Will Make You Cry Laughing!!!

Celebrities can never be alone. There are always dozens of cameras around them. So it’s damn difficult to present themselves the way they want others to see. After all, they are humans too 🙂

When celebrities are caught doing something weird, it is bound to get viral and shared by millions of people. 

Here we are displaying a few off-time original pictures which may contain a weird laugh, wrong side eye-sight or a sneezing nose. Some of them are captured at moments which make it so hilarious to watch.

Let’s check out 21 such photographs of famous celebrities which are incredibly awkward and funny because of the timing they were clicked.

1.) This is the only time when I exactly look like Brad Pitt. 😀

Brad Pitt

2.)  Being Huma-man 🙂 salman khan

3.) Michelle! Are you watching this? 🙂


4.) When you are 100% sure that it’s your show and it’s your day.

Justin Beiber


5.) Men will be men.

6.) When you marry a nerd ( or at least the one who looks like a nerd)

Ajay Devgn making the most of the opportunity.

7.) The reason why he doesn’t speak.

Manmohan Singh experiencing the Axe effect

8.) The guy in the check shirt noticed the same thing that we are noticing

brother, behold that ass

9.) Look at Shakti Kapoor. He can actually feel the bad vibes!

anil kapoor

10.) Bradley Cooper during the promotional event of Silver Linings.

Bradley Cooper

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21 Badly Timed Photographs of Celebrities Will Make You Cry Laughing!!!